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Our Ambition of 40,000 km

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My name is Tomoko Eguchi. I am a director of Global Collaboration Department of intellim.

Let me talk about when I was a little girl, my father brought me a globe.

Do you know how many kilometers it is around the earth? It is about 40,000 km.

Looking at the globe, I used to seriously make a plan like a fantasy: if a dream bridge around the globe could be built, people in the world can freely cross the borders from one country to another and they are able to make many friends.

As I grew up, I gradually realized the real world and felt ashamed of my plan how huge fantasy it was, then I put aside the dreamy plan deep in my mind.

However, intellim has bought the dream back to me again.

intellim has been building a typical platform for oncology clinical trials in Asia, by combining with values of our deep experience of Oncology and clinical trial experiences in Asia.

We have created a common universal certification system in each country in Oncology area and have been collecting all information on RA requirements of IND, IRB, NDA etc. in each Asian country, to visualize and effectively utilize the information mainly for Japanese companies.

Our works could be explained in just 7 lines of sentences as above, but all were new attempts and frameworks that everything seemed fresh and attractive, but it was a long road with full of difficulties at the same time.

First of all, in terms of collaborative works, the framework of Asia is inconvenient, especially for language, as English, which seems to be a useful common tool, has not been sufficiently used in Asian countries.

Moreover, so many things are different, even though lots of things look similar in their guidelines for clinical trials, culture of regulatory affairs, and ethnic ideas in Asian countries.

Unlike in Japan, you will find it very difficult to create just one schedule when you have a project in Asia.

However, I am very excited and happy about my job, because Asian countries are being united into one in our own hands.

intellim is the company where people are able to work closely together for sharing the dream that people once sneered at us saying impossible to achieve.

intellim’s global business is not merely only extending our present business overseas, but also innovating business models that no one has considered and expanding them to all over the world. intellim has a culture of openness that allows to make a prompt decision and an immediate action which are not caught up in the stereotypes of the CRO, and we have a passion for executing what we speak.

Our unique and talented employees repeatedly discuss and challenge beyond nationalities, locations, departments and their roles, and actively incorporate cutting-edge technology and flexible ideas, trying to realize a next-generation study platform that no one has ever imagined.

The future intellim, is leaping into not only Asia, but also the whole world.

Building a bridge over the globe by myself was the impossible dream, but with intellim associates, I believe my dream would be really come true.

The length of our ambition is 40,000 km.

Please read a series of collaborative essays written by members in my department and I hope you feel their passion of heading toward to the realization of our dream.

Let me introduce our fist writer, an employee from China who loves Japanese animation very much. Enjoy their essays on their real daily life!




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