Global Essay Part-6!!(Vietnam)

1. My introduction

My name is N.G. I was born in the north of Vietnam at turning point of Vietnamese economy from subsidy system to an open, market-oriented and globally integrated model. Moreover, Vietnam is well known as the country of diverse, delicious range of cuisines as well as Unesco world heritage sites like Halong bay, Hoi An ancient town.

After graduating from Hanoi medical university, I worked in a general hospital as a general dentist for a few years in Vietnam. While working in the hospital, I had opportunities to meet several of Japanese professors to learn more about specialized dental treatments. Then I decided to go to Japan as graduate student to deepen my knowledge of dental diseases. From October 2019, I started joining global development department and I hope to be able to use my medical-related experiences to expand to international markets of intellim network. Furthermore, I am very excited with my new job by learning a lot of useful and interesting knowledge like Good Clinical Practice or business manner as well as using honorific Japanese.

2. Were there any problems when you started to live in japan?

During my first 2 years in japan, I faced a lot of difficulties, especially communication using Japanese for daily life. For example, instead of buying cooking oil and salt, I bought vinegar and sugar, respectively. Moreover, I always lost my way or took wrong train as well as used wrong direction of train. After finishing graduate course in Japan, I decided to find a healthcare-related job in Japan with many anxious because of language barrier. As a Japanese proverb 「千里の道も一歩から」or Rome was not built in one day, so I am trying to learn more knowledge from senior co-worker.

3. Difference of health care system between Japan and Vietnam?

Vietnam health care system comprised of 4 administrative levels of health healthcare establishments: Central level, provincial level, district level and commune level. According to 2017 data, Vietnam spent about 7.5% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) on health healthcare, otherwise in Japan reached to 10.9% of GDP on health healthcare. Moreover, pharmacies in Vietnam are easy to find and buy medicine, especially in big cities likes Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Purchasing medicine over the counter without a prescription is straightforward. Let me compare the employee fee portion per month for health insurance between Vietnam and Japan: in Japan employee pay around 4.5%~4.9% of monthly salary for health insurance, while in Vietnam is 1.5% of monthly salary. However, in Vietnam one of problem is overcrowding happened in central and provincial levels. It leads to high-out of pocket payment for medical care. In the other hand, the number of Vietnam’s private health care sector is increasing quickly. Recently the number of private hospitals has increased from 133 in 2011 to 231 in 2016, which, in turn can help to develop health tourism sector in Vietnam.

4. Support system at intellim 

The most convenience system in intellim is flexible working hours, which permits everyone can control, organize their work-schedule and balance easier between work and family.

On the other hand, intellim’s learning supporting system like e-learning, English or Korean language clubs which everyone can communicate and upgrade their foreign languages. As a new foreigner member in intellim, I got many supports from senior- coworkers and gave me valuable insights into my career path.

5. My goal and dream

I am really excited about my job.

Act as a connector person, I will be a part of intellim to broaden Intellim markets not only in Vietnam but also in other countries in the world.

6. Message to people who want to work in Japan

Learning carefully Japanese, respect Japanese culture, keep balance between your work and your life. Keep your feet on the ground and keep learning new things everyday.




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